Development Aid, Nangarhar, Women Rights Empowerment

Afghan Women’s Leadership Initiative

Project Code: AWLI
Province: Nangarhar
Districts: Jalalabad city, Surkh rud, Kama, and Darah-i-noor districts
Beneficiaries: Host Community
Project Start Date: 9/1/2018
Project End Date: 1/31/2021
Total Directed Beneficiaries: 16652 Beneficiaries

Project Overview

The community mobilized and the perception of child marriage is changed. Adolescent girls are empowered to make informed life choices through education, vocational and life skills training, and peer support networks Informal Institutions for project sustainability are in place and linked with relevant networks ”

Project Outcomes:

The Project was successfully ended with achievements: 90 persons received their CBPM council’s training from OHW legal trainers. 10 GBV cases were registered and 2 were successfully solved in the court. 20 ADR cases were registered and 15 were solved through CBPM councils with OHW technical support. Eight community education and awareness sessions were conducted for men and legal aid rights-related matters were discussed and 56 persons attended the sessions. similarly, 8 PSS education sessions were held by counselors for women where 70 persons took part in them. and 200 entrepreneurs in 16 groups of food processing, embroidery, beautician, and tailoring working in 4 main locations of the project target sited received their due related vocation raw material and required equipment. also, Two success stories were developed one in legal and the other in vocations which have produced a positive impact on the families


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