Emergency Response Program, Humanitarian Responses, Nangarhar

Winterization support for vulnerable people in Nangarhar

Project Code: Null
Province: Nangarhar
Districts: Achin, Nazyan, Kot and Batikot
Beneficiaries: Host Community, IDPs, Returnees, Refugee
Project Start Date: 11/1/2020
Project End Date: 3/31/2021
Total Directed Beneficiaries: 800 HHs

Project Overview

Nangarhar province is one of the war-torn provinces border districts like Achin, Nazyan Kot, and Batikot have been sawing more damage, and also the residents of mentioned districts are most vulnerable for example 1/5 of the HH reported having at least 1 member with a disability or chronic illness, and most of the people having a poor food consumption score and 99% having no food stocks, people in the assessed areas are severely and acute food insecure and half of them live in partially destroyed shelters and nearly half of them are living in a one-room shelter. With winter arriving soon, the assessed people raised the need for heating materials and warm clothes. With reduced income, an increase in the cost of living, and limited job opportunities, 96% will send the children out to collect firewood, potentially increasing protection risks for their children. For this reason, OHW has implemented an emergency winterization support project. project duration was 4 months from Dec-2020 to Mar 2021.




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