Food Security, Humanitarian Responses, Kandahar, Uruzgan

Food Assistance to the most vulnerable HHs

Project Code: AF01-1794/2023/kan/GFDs/-(IPC3)-Food/OHW
Project Name: Food Assistance to the most vulnerable HHs
Province: Kandahar and Urzgan
Districts: kandahar city , Boldak district , Takhtapul districta , Chora district in Urzgan
Donor: World food program (WFP)
Beneficiaries: Host Community, IDPs, Returnees
Project Start Date: 1/2/2023
Project End Date: 5/31/2023
Total Directed Beneficiaries: 7093 HHs

Project Overview

The late change in Afghanistan affected more than 80% of the population in Afghanistan in terms of daily life and financial level. So the World Food Programme (WFP) have called for interventions in the world and request to raise fund for the most vulnerable peoples who are living in the hardest situation of their life and are not able to proceed with their daily expenses. WFP with the implementation of OHW does an assessment for these Households and then provides food assistance or in kind on a monthly basis till they can stand on their own feet.

Project Outcome

A total of 7093 Vulnerable HHs were selected and assessed out of which 801 are female and 6292 are male, these Vulnerable House Holds were facing problems and were not able to provide enough food to their family member on a daily basis. so with our right assessment, OHW with the support of WFP was able to save the family and to let the valuable person to have time for finding a good job or any other income source. For youths who were in search of work, OHW provided work for them on the CVI (Community volunteer initiative) base, these CVIs were supposed to clean the city and do small work for 6 days each CVI.


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