Country Director's Message

I am very pleased to share with you that we have made significant progress in our work in 2022. Our effective coordination and collaboration at the regional level have enabled us to provide services to the most vulnerable children and marginalized communities across Afghanistan.

As everyone knows better and is familiar with OHW which stands for people who are unprotected and need assistance and support, we bring local power to the account for local governance and our strategic priorities focus on Human Rights, Food Security, Women's Rights (Girls Education, Women Economic Empowerment), Child Protection (child rights and child protection), Advocacy, Education (education in emergency and formal education) Agriculture and horticulture (Forestry, Water Management, and Drip Irrigation), research, assessments, and Governance to empower most excluded communities.

We understand on accountability and transparency to the donor funds and give value to the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation at the gross root level. So we are approaching different kinds of methodologies to ensure accountability and transparency from downward to upward and vice versa including rights holders apart from that OHW established CRM (Complain Response Mechanism), Procurement Management System and HR Management System within the organization to ensure the effective use of resources. 2022 was a challenging year for OHW in which our female colleagues were banned from working.

Despite the number of challenges OHW overcame to get control of the situation through a strongly committed team and active community engagement, as OHW was committed to the donor and partner for the effective implementation fortunately we have successfully completed and achieved the committed objectives and goals

Yours Sincerely,

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