DRR and CFW, Emergency Response Program, Food Security, Humanitarian Responses, Nangarhar


Project Code: 201091
Province: Nangarhar
Districts: Lalpura and Mohmandara Districts
Donor: Cordaid
Beneficiaries: Host Community, IDPs, Returnees, Refugee
Project Start Date: 1/1/20223
Project End Date: 12/30/2023
Total Directed Beneficiaries: 3411 HHs

Project Overview

“Organization of Human Welfare (OHW) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization, the OHW was established in 2007 with the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan under the registration number of 1014.

Recognizing that OHW continues its transition seeking more appropriate paradigms of development to ensure that we remain a catalyst for change and contribute towards seeking an Afghanistan of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and sustainability.”

Project Outcome

“OHW has three projects they are in progress
1: pip scheme : The organization of Human Welfare has eight-pipe scheme projects at Mohmandara and Lalpura districts, which cover 800 households to be benefited from the services, thus for four sides of the pipe scheme projects organization have already started their work at Lalpura district in Rahmati village, activity is about 90% completed and reservoir constriction is also completed and other activities such as plastering are in progress , and at Fatimena village work has progressed 90% , Momandara district ducka village work is progressed 90% and still it is ongoing, the fourth one is Ghazgi village pipe scheme project it is also ongoing the same on muhmandara dist Kunddai Gadd village in progress, other remaining will be completed on 30/Dec/2023

2: Top Up: OHW had 300 Beneficiaries in 2022 we distributed them 14136 AFN, and now for 455 Beneficiaries survey has been completed for the TOP UP project for (MPC) Multi-Purpose Cash. Based on the given criteria still (455) beneficiaries assessment is completed at Lapura and Momandara districts, The cash amount is 250 euro and now we are in stage to distribute Cash beneficiaries,

3: Food Security & Livelihood Intervention: In the DRA AFJR project OHW agriculture sector has 1,000 targeted beneficiaries among them 400 beneficiaries receive agro input such as improved wheat seeds, fertilizer, and tools. And 800 beneficiaries received fields/crop training in 2022 at both targeted districts Lalpura and Momandara, as it is a seasonal activity, it is ongoing to jun-2023, as long as Agriculture technical team conducted training for 369 local farmers in the agriculture sector the purpose of the training was to improve capacity building training regarding wheat harvesting and rouging, After conducting capacity building of local farmers their capacity regarding the harvesting and wheat rouging has developed and improved.

4: Cash for Work: In cash for work 4 projects were targeted, and two projects have been completed in 2022. So in the month of Mar-023, two more cash for work projects at Mohmand Dara and Lalpura Districts with the coordination of local authority and line department is started for cleaning, so in Lalpura district Markazy Lalpura village canal which length is about 4 km, and in Momandara district Billa village canal which length is about 3, 5 km and both canals were fill with mud and need to be cleaned, due to both selected canals has cleaned 100%. And according to the technical team assessment on 1st April -023 labors started work in Duca village canal at Momandara district which has about 405 km length and 4000 jeribs of irrigated land with 700 HHs, and in Lalpura district Sarband village canal which was filled with mud and has 308 km length, 2000 jeribs of irrigated land with having 400 HHs. All mentioned canals have been cleaned and farmers received cash based on their daily wages and were so happy from both Cordaid and OHW.”


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