Development Aid, Kandahar, Livelihood and Capacity Building


Project Code: 020KDR005
Province: Kandahar
Districts: Kandahar City
Donor: United Nation High Commission of Refugees(UNHCR)
Beneficiaries: Host Community, IDPs, Returnees, Refugee
Project Start Date:7/1/2020
Project End Date: 10/31/2020
Total Directed Beneficiaries: 500 HHs

Project Overview

The Project was specially designed for poor people who don’t have access to solar electricity. The Solar panel distribution project was designed for 500 families. In Project there was given the following items:
• Lights ( 5×300 lm LED / 5 unites )
• PV technology and supporting structure ( 2x 300Wp)
• For charge controller ( 1×20 A )
• For Battery system ( 2x 200 Ah)
• Accessories ( as per standard package )
• One wooden Box
• Metal frames for the solar panel
• 10 Meter wires for solar panel and battery connection
Hence the installation of each solar system into homes was also in plan.”

Project Outcomes:

The Project was successfully completed with achievements, the details are following:
• 1145 Housed holds were visited and out of the 500 hundred (396 male and 104 females were assessed and the right owner for 500 solar Panel kits was selected
• 500 Beneficiaries were selected and reached out so they can get their solar panel kit.
• 500 poor families have received solar panel kits which can light their houses at night, this solar panel kit included two solars ( 325 Watt), two batteries ( 200 Amp each ), 5 lights with full accessories, and a solar controller.
• These 500 selected Beneficiaries have got their transport expenses and an Electrician was sent to each house to do the full set up of solar panels at home.


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