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Food Distribution

Project Code: AF01-1463
Project Name: Food Distribution
Province: Uruzgan
Districts: Chora, Dehrawood and Shahid Hasas districts of Uruzgan Province
Donor: UNWFP
Beneficiaries: Host Community, IDPs, Returnees
Project Start Date: 06/01/2022
Project End Date: 06/30/2023
Total Directed Beneficiaries: 11905 HHs

Project Overview

Under this project, OHW will provide support through food distribution in the Choa, Dehrawood, and Shaheed Hasas districts of Uruzgan province. This project will provide food assistance to 11,905 HHs, the project will be implemented in Chora, Dehrawood, and Shahid Hasas, there are different numbers of HHs who will receive food assistance.
Chora district: 3862 HHs
Dehrawood district: 4358 HHs
Shaheed Hasas: 3685 HHs
The project activities are ongoing in the mentioned province,


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