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ESNFI Shelter Repairing Assistance For Earthquake-affected People

Project Code:
Project Name: ESNFI Shelter repairing assistance for earthquake-affected people in Speera District of Khost Province
Province: Khost
Districts: Spera District
Donor: People In Need (PIN)
Beneficiaries: Host Community
Project Start Date: 10/01/2022
Project End Date: 12/31/2022
Total Directed Beneficiaries: 150 HHs

Project Overview

As per OHW – Organization of Human Welfare’s recent assessment in three provinces Khost, Paktya, and Paktika Provinces the situation was reported as very much serious in term of a humanitarian perspective, majority of the families lost their houses, many of them lost lives and many others are still living under the green sky of their own provinces, the below is a rapid assessment data we have received from our assessment team:
Earthquake is one of the most dangerous natural disasters on earth and was recently one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history in Paktika Province of Afghanistan which occurred on 22 June 2022 based on the most media information 1036 people have died and 2,949 people have injured in this event. OHW team surveyed five affected lagging areas and districts in Khost, Paktika, and Paktia provinces, those were SPERA district in Khost, NIKA and ZIRUK districts in Paktika, and ZORMAT, ARMA, and SHOWAK districts in Paktia provinces. In this survey OHW team found by face-to-face interview that massive amount of people suffer from their current situations because affected from earthquake, means residential people of those areas loosed their countless houses which at the results of earthquake many houses have been destroyed and deep cracked, because all those houses are old and made from mud and small stones together on the top of the hills and mountains and is not made standard for living, currently people are living outside of their deep cracked and destroyed housed with their families during the day and night because they are terrified that there could be another or fear of another earthquake and making them too dangerous to live in, those people have strung plastic sheets and pieces of cloth between bamboo sticks struck into the ground, women and children sleep in the makeshift tents and the men sleep outside, these mentioned districts and villages were near to the main center of earthquake which was at Geyan district and these areas are separated from each other because of the tall mountains, and at the results the majority and countless of houses in hills and mountains completely and entirely destroyed which involved in it men, women, girls, boys, adolescent and small children during the earthquake, also caused more smaller earthquake as far away in other districts of Paktika province and the way for every villages were very badly destroyed. All people in those areas need urgent support of shelter, food, and cash money for healthy and safe living.
Same as UNOCHA assessment report shows that the Latest findings from needs assessments reveal that at least 155 children were killed and nearly 250 children were injured by the earthquake, with 86 percent losing their lives in Giyan district (134), Paktika province alone. Additionally, 65 children have reportedly been orphaned or left unaccompanied as a result of the tremor.
Findings from assessments further highlight that almost 1,900 homes across Giyan (1,028) and Barmal (450) districts in Paktika province, and Spera (416) districts in Khost province have been destroyed. Many more are estimated to have experienced extensive damage and are at risk of collapse. Shelter assessments to ascertain the full extent of damage is continuing.

Project Outcome

1st Round Distribution Report PIN-ESNIFI Project Khost
Based on the agreement of OHW and PIN the Cash distribution for 150 households of Spera district Khost province has been planned on Sunday and Monday (27/November/2022-28/November/2022).
Cat B was planned to get (50 %) cash assistance and Cat C (100 %) cash assistance.
Cat B 50 HHs got their cash assistance on Sunday 27/November/2022 and Cat C 100 HHs on Monday 28/November/2022.
Every Household of Cat B received (22280) AFs against 250$ at the exchange rate of 89.12 AFs for 1$ in the first installment.
Every HHs for Cat C received (29410) AFs against 330$ at the exchange rate of 89.12 for 1$ in both the first and second installments.
The cash have been distributed through Hawala dealers monitored by OHW MEAL Department and cash was counted by the OHW finance officer, thus the process of distribution was transparent, well organized, controlled, and finished without any problem.
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed by every single beneficiary and clearly understood them that this is an ESNIFI project, the cash assistance is just for essential shelter, not food or other items.
At the end of the distribution, process both parties OHW and Buloro have signed the financial documents.


OHW is implementing the ESNIFI project in spera district Rozo Dara, which is very far from the district. OHW is the only NGO implementing a project in the mentioned place where these people were out of the reach of the government and NGO’s development programs. Rozo Dara of Spera district is very much affected by the earthquake every single house in this area is cracked and no one of the NGOs paid attention to the mentioned area. OHW has covered five villages (shang, Bolai, Ainak, Dand, Therai) for 150 HHs to be covered through the PIN-ESNIFI project. this is a big achievement for OHW.


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