OHW is nationally operating value-based emergency relief and development organization, working in and on fragility. We have been active in Samangan since 2010. Abiding by the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and operational independence, OHW is committed to stand by the people of Afghanistan and deliver its lifesaving support.

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Street #7 Old Taimani, Kabul, Afghanistan

Our Ongoing Projects in Samangan

  1. PHS KIS: The provision of primary health care services to internally displaced person in Kabul IDPs in 21 KIS2 in local population in Kabul IDPs and two district Musaee, Tangi Sydan and Qarabagh of Baricab clinic and to improved the access of IDPs and Local community and include 2 district of Kabul Provinces Integrated Primary health Care services.
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